Welcome to Camp HOT

“Hard-Work Over Talent”


The mission of Camp HOT is to instill in student-athletes the love of competition, sportsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to practice the fundamentals.


The vision of Camp HOT is to teach student-athletes how to form good habits, develop communication and leadership skills, and learn about the game.


Core values

Our Core Values are continuously demonstrated and practiced throughout the camps duration.

Integrity                                                                                                             Loyalty

Trust                                                                                                      Accountability

Teamwork                                                              Commitment to EXCELLENCE


What we will teach at Camp:

1. Shooting              2. Ball-Handling                 3. Rebounding

4. Passing        5. Footwork/Agility      6. Offensive Sets and Principles          7. Defensive Sets


How we teach:

Group Discussions                                           Individualized Attention

Drills in small and big groups                                             Scrimmages


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“Coach Kris & Coach Justin are excellent at motivating and guiding young players to improve their basketball playing skills. They promote good sportsmanship and teamwork. My son had great fun when he was coached by them. I highly recommend them as basketball coaches”. -Janet Chen

“My son, Nick, has played with Justin and Kris at Pan Pacific for a few seasons now. These coaches are serious basketball players and truly an inspiration to watch. They teach the fundamentals and work closely with the kids to develop their strength, skills and confidence both on and off the court. They were and are terrific mentors for Nick … teaching him to work hard and do his very best without fear of failing by motivating him to be a smart and mindful athlete. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for Camp Hot!” -Marilyn Hunter

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